111 thoughts on “spricht hanna montana deutsch ?”

  1. I Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Miley You spek German?
    Hoffentlich kannst du Deutsch sprechen.
    Wann bist du wieder in Deutschland und machst ein Konzert denn wenn du in deutschland spielst darf ich auf dein Konzert.Ich bin erst 10 Jahre alt und heise
    Uendi Eisendraut.

  2. Were do you live? how old are you? i am searching for a boyfriend but i can´t meet fans… sorry !!
    can you give me your phonenummber? i will be happy if you phone me to my fan nummber!
    love all my fans!!!!!
    in love Miley

  3. Hy sweet Miley!
    Am I invited to your new movie? Do I get maybe a free cinema ticket? Or we meet, perhaps? Looking for a new friend? or have I misunderstood what? I am your biggest fan!

  4. Lily and Oliver? You mean emily and mitchel, doesn´t you? i didn´t have much time now cause me make Hannah Montana season 4.
    I must say something to my biggest fans, In 2010 Hannah Montana the movie 2 will come to the cinema! I hope you were happy!
    hannah montana will have a new boyfriend!

  5. Hy Miley my Email adress and my msn addy is pascal.schiller@gmail.com! Ok?

    Can we meet times? If we look at times in New York or Los Angeles take? Would be glad! Tell Lilly and Oliver a nice greeting from me! If you have time and write me some time even if you have a mail to my email address: pascal.schiller @ gmail.com msn and we can write! Have fun and good luck in your job! Your greatest fan Pascal

  6. Hey,
    ich glaube nicht das die echte mily sich auf einer deutschen seite rumtreibt.

    aber sollte sie es doch tun. denke ich das miley ray die echte ist.

    hey miley.
    how are you?
    its so bad that so much „fans“ fake you.
    i hope i write to the true miley.

    best regards

  7. Hey yall,its Miley :)

    I have to say,that these two people who posted with my name are NOT me. Dont fall for fakes :) I rode all your nice comments (I translated them with an internetside called „leo“) Alot of you guys have been asked if I can give u my msn, Im sorry,but my msn is just for my friends and If Id give you my ID everytime Id came online,everyone would send me lots of messages,I love to answer you guys,but im to busy and I need some time for myself too :) But these are the sites which I have.


    So,one person asked me if Michaela is a superstar too,no the role isnt in real life,but the person who plays her is famous and a really good friend of me! Her name is SELENA GOMEZ. Her best friend is DEMI LOVATO,maybe you know her from camp rock? She is a friend of me too.


  8. woher wollt ihr wissen das sie es ist????

    und ich wettte das sind eurer addys und nicht mileys addy(addys) also lügt ja oder nein seit erlich der eine oder der sagt immer ne andere addy deswegen sind die addys von dir

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